“We know life science”

Characteristics: Integrity – Knowledge – Quality – Performance

 “Integrity is our trademark . . .
delivering a high-quality product, on time, that meets your needs."

P3RE is a tightly knit team, selectively recruited for their areas of expertise ranging from development, brokerage, management, construction and life sciences.  Because of the array of our backgrounds and experiences in commercial real estate and more specifically, life sciences real estate over the past 28 years, we are able to creatively meet the demands of each new project.  From major research parks to individual industrial facilities, P3RE develops Class A real estate in major life science clusters.  In turn, this provides the companies within our portfolio with the confidence that we will deliver the utmost quality and most economically efficient space possible.

Our success is built on:

  • a proven track record

  • in-house development

  • successful completion of hundreds of life science transactions since 1987

  • unique access and credibility with deal makers in the life science markets

  • outstanding relationships with our architects, MEP engineers, lab planners and contractors, who are an extension of the P3RE team

  • a significant and extensive broker network, including the CBRE Life Science Group