Innovative and design concepts, many of which are exclusive and proprietary to P3RE are used to build the life science environments of tomorrow. Our implementation of the iLab modular laboratory system allows us added flexibility in making quick additions and changes to laboratories to accommodate constantly evolving science needs.  The innovative ability to change the benching and systems within a laboratory without the need for permits or changes in infrastructure are a significant advantage as a company progresses through its life.

View Dynamic Glass – a mechanism for controlled lighting and tinting of windows – brings new life to the indoor experience, encouraging team innovation and energization through a more dynamic workspace, and reducing the need and cost of window coverings. Beyond structural and functional design, our life science environments focus on a clean and classic palette, infused with organic materials which lend their natural beauty and awe-inspiring patterns to create a warm, inviting and comfortable atmosphere.  Alternative amenities such as a cafés, tea rooms, state-of-the-art conference centers, and premier fitness facilities create space for inspiration, social interaction and well being.